Security Services

Close the Barn Door Before the Cybercriminals Get In

Security Assessments

  • Raztech offers IT Security assessments and planning assistance.  Our extensive assessment will deliver a detailed outline on security risks and prioritized recommendations.
  • At Raztech, we not only focus on network security, but on end user training on IT threats.  With many IT security breaches stemming from end user activity, we think a comprehensive cyber-security awareness training program is critical to a business’s security plan.

Security Compliance

A compliance program ensures that a business complies with laws or regulations relevant to it. However, most SMBs are not very excited when it comes to compliance. Some of those businesses believe compliance is only for large organizations. Nothing could be further from the truth. SMBs need a compliance program to minimize risk and decrease inefficiencies.

HIPAA violations can cost anywhere between $100 to $50,000 per violation and run as high as $1.5 million per calendar year of neglect. Similarly, GDPR violations can cost anywhere between 2% to 4% of company turnover.

To help you effectively achieve compliance, we’ve developed a checklist that lets you understand the Six Essential Elements of a compliance program:

  1. Executive Sponsorship
  2. Business Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment
  3. Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  4. Data Governance Strategy 
  5. Monitoring, Testing and Updating
  6. Routine Employee Training

Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals are waiting to take advantage of your employees’ mistake. Even when mistakes are not being engineered and exploited by malicious outsiders, poor cyber hygiene will leave loopholes in your security infrastructure.

An employee without security awareness can become the biggest liability for your business’ cybersecurity. Even a minor error can snowball into a devastating cyberattack on your company.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With proper cybersecurity awareness training, your employees could be your first line of defense against cyberattacks.

With our solution, you do not have to worry about providing regular training to your employees. We can integrate a robust security awareness training program into your business and safeguard your IT network from human errors.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are your first line of defense against external threat actors. Making sure your firewall is configured to protect your business, making sure the security service subscriptions are active, and keeping apprised of alerts or anomalies are extremely important. When is the last time you verified your firewall is providing the protection you expect?

We manage/monitor your firewall to make sure it’s protecting your business.

GET HELP FROM SPECIALISTS - Your organization may not be able to pinpoint all areas of risk.  Finding outside expertise will bring in a fresh set of eyes.
HIPAA COMPLIANCE - HIPAA settlements and civil monetary penalties topped $13,500,000 in 2020.
USER ERROR - User error is among the fastest growing causes of data breaches.
FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE - 80% of data breaches are orchestrated by organized crime.

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